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Laser hair removal

When dark, coarse hair appears on parts of body which make you feel uncomfortable e.g. face, neck, abdomen, breasts, legs or underarms in women and shoulders, chest and back in ISMA Men, it is time to consider a long luting solution. Until now, conventional methods like waxing, plucking, threading, shaving & hair vanishing creams have been used. But Al these methods are messy & painful.

Alma Soprano Diode Laser is a perfect answer to this problem. It is a “state of the art” US FDA approved laser for hair removal. This laser employs latest ‘,SHR technology” with patented ‘in motion’ technique making it the only laser hair removal system in the world which is virtually painless. This technology has received tremendous support and has been accepted as the “Break through” laser technology for hair reduction by dermatologists & aestheticians all over the world.

Alma Diode Soprano Laser

Bindal Clinic offers laser treatment-for laser hair removal in Gurgaon. Besides this we also have Helios II Q.Switched Wag Laser for resistant fine/velus hair. We also use Ellman Radio Frequency treatment for white hair removal.



How Alma Soprano Diode laser treats unwanted hair?

Alma Soprano Diode laser produces a laser beam of highly concentrated light with wavelength 810 nm. This beam energy is absorbed by the melanin pigment in the hair and heat is produced. This heating destroys the capacity of the hair follicles to produce new hair.

Simultaneously a dual chill mechanism in the hand piece keeps the surface of the skin cool & comfortable. It protects the outer layer of skin before, during and after energy is delivered to the hair root.

Is this treatment painful?

No, it is virtually painless. “Pain-free, hair-free” technolegY available on soprano laser Is a patented hair reduction technology Its revolutionary “in motion” technique gradually heats the hair follicles under the skin until they can no longer produce new hair. With sweeping, paint brush technique, one can treat even sensitive areas like face, armpits or bikini-line without the discomfort of other systems.

Because the laser Is constantly in motion, some patients say that the treatment feels similar to a “hot stone massage,

Is It safe?

Yes. The use of lasers for hair removal is most well known and researched uses of lasers. Millions of patients have enjoyed a life without unwanted hair, thanks to this technology. A number of clinical studies have proven Its clinical efficacy and safety.

How long does one treatment session take?

Depending on area covered, the treatments take a few minutes to up to an hour.

Why should I opt for Alma Soprano Diode laser?

  • Latest SHR In motion’ technology
  • Available in all major cities in Europe, USA, India ft other parts of the world, or you don’t need    to switch lasers if you have to relocate
  • Virtually painless treatment
  • Less chance of burns
  • More effective
  • Safe for Indian skin
  • Can treat all types

Why you need several sessions?

Become laser targets only growing hair follicles, we can destroy only those follicles in one session, which are active. Thus several sessions are required for more complete removal. Is the hair removal permanent? No, but it is long lasting. After completing your full treatment course, you may need a maintenance session every 12 months or so. There may be individual variations in results.

Are any special precautions required?

One shouldn’t remove hair by waxing, threading, plucking etc. at least for 1-2 weeks prior to treatment, so that maximum hair follicles contain hair that can be destroyed by laser. Avoid sun exposure after treatment.

What are its side effects?

Side effects, if any, are minor. They may include redness ft swelling around the hair follicles. Very rarely, a little pigmentation, mild burning and occasional blister may be noticed in treated area. These can be managed easily with speedy recovery.

After how much time, can we return to normal work?

One can return to normal activities a work, immediately after the procedure.

What are other laser options especially for fine/velus hair removal?

Fine unwanted hairs are difficult to treat. However Alma Soprano Laser has good results in fine/velus hair also. In few cases, Helios II Q-SwItched NdYag Laser Is required which is also available at Bindal Clinic and has excellent results in fine hair reduction.

What are the options for White hair removal?

Unwanted white hairs do not respond to laser treatments, because of lack of melanin pigment. These can be treated by using Radio Frequency Ablation of hair roots. At Bindal clinic, white hair reduction is done by Eliman Radio frequency Ablation.

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