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Vitiligo (White Spots)

What is Vitiligo / Leukoderma.

Patients with Vitiligo develop white spots on the skin. These spots may be large or small in size and are present on face, hands, feet, private parts or on any other body part. It is a chronic skin disorder. It is not contagious and has no systemic effects.

Some minor trauma, skin infections and inflammations and burns may also give rise to white spots, which are not vitiligo but Leukoderma and are fully curable.

What happens in this disease?

Skin pigment melanin, a pigment that determines the colour of the skin, is produced by the pigment cells called melanocytes. In the case of this disease, the melanocytes stop producing melanin, resulting in the whitening of the skin.

What is the cause of Vitiligo?

The real cause for Vitiligo is unknown, but genetic, immunologic and neurogenic factors are thought to be behind this disease. In many cases the pigment cells appears normal but still do not produce melanin .An autoimmune process may be involved

How do I know that I have vitiligo?

One should always consult a dermatologist to confirm vitiligo. Many other conditions like fungal infections, certain birth marks, leprosy and Pityriasis alba may look like vitiligo.

How can Vitiligo be treated?

Vitiligo is not a serious disease but certainly difficult to treat. However, doctors who have long experience in the treatment of vitiligo are able to achieve satisfactory results.

The treatment for Vitiligo is done under the guidance of a dermatologist. After diagnosis the disease can be treated by dietary advice, cosmetic camouflage, re pigmentation with oral and local medicines and relatively newer treatments with specific type of UV rays. The treatment depends upon the severity of the disease. Let your dermatologist decide the best for you Surgery is resorted to in patients with stable patches, not responding to repigmentation therapies

What are other therapies for resistant Vitiligo?

Dermatologists produce new pigment cells from the existing and healthy pigment cells. This is done by grafting the healthy skin over the affected areas by different methods. This helps the dead pigment cells to regenerate and start producing melanin.

At Bindal clinic, we have more than 20 years of vast experience of treating all types of vitiligo patients.

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Bindal clinic is a premier Child, Skin and cosmetology clinic in Gurgaon City.

This clinic, established in 1993, is spread over 5000sq.ft area and was the first clinic to open in Gurgaon for skin & Cosmetology patients.

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